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Molecular and cellular pathological phenotyping

We are using a broad spectrum of advanced tools to pinpoint cellular phenotypes and the underlying molecular mechanisms at play. We apply Seahorse technology to determine metabolic state of cells, Luminex to assess inflammatory capacity at broad scales, multiple-panel flow cytometry, targeted enzymatic cell-based assays combined with classical histological, biochemical and molecular biology approaches.

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Transgenic mice and disease modelling

We utilize Cre/loxP systems to generate tissue, or cell-type specific inducible transgenic mice in genetic models of neurological diseases. For each pathology we design a tailored battery of longitudinal metabolic, immune, neurological and behavioral phenotyping to assess disease progression and to try our novel interventions. We use aged mice to study multiple aspects of the aging brain and gut in this biological context, carrying out complex surgeries in aged animals to dissect the differential contributions of specific arms of the immune and the nervous systems to a given pathology. 


Systems physiology 

We combine in our studies a state-of-the-art computational toolset to design and analyze our experiments, looking simultaneously at numerous biological changes taking place inside and outside the nervous system. This holistic approach includes transcriptomics, metagenomics, metabolomics and mapping of epigenetic modifications and chromatin structure. 

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Multiplexed imaging

We are employing newly-designed multiplexed imaging system, enables ultra-high parameter spatial studies to view, characterize, and quantify 100+ biomarkers. This approach adds up an additional layer of information to current multi-omics phenotyping assays.


Human studies

We validate our findings in animal models by proof-of-concept clinical studies utilizing our access to clinics nationwide. This step is necessary to promote the development of better treatments for neurological disorders, prolonged lifespan and healthier aging.  

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